This is the only course developed and taught by the creators of the Emergency Severity Index. Take this low cost opportunity to learn from the experts.

Welcome to the Emergency Severity Index (©ESI) Web-based training program, which is the only course created by the developers of the ESI five level triage acuity rating system. As you probably know, in 2003 the Emergency Nurses Association and the American College of Emergency Physicians recommended that emergency departments use a valid and reliable five level triage system. The Emergency Severity Index meets these criteria and is being used in many emergency departments in the Unites States and throughout the world.

In 2003 the developers of ©ESI collaborated with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to produce ESI training materials including a handbook and a DVD. It has become clear that there is a need for additional low-cost ESI training materials, so our team has collaborated with a course developer to create this web course. We are confident that this educational offering will provide professionals who are new to ESI with a strong foundation and a comprehensive review of the core principles for experienced users.

This program highlights some of the nuances of the system that novices can find challenging. We have incorporated the handbook and segments of the DVD as well as developed numerous learning activities to reinforce some of the key concepts or critical decision points.

This program is designed to be self-paced. We encourage users to take their time, read the pdf materials embedded within the course, and complete all the online learning activities associated with the course. Once you have completed the post-test, you will be able to review your results and the course, but you will NOT be able to re-take the post-test. The course must be completed within 90 days of registration.

Thank you and enjoy!

To view more details about ESI, please visit ESI Official Web Site.